Runner’s Knee – Not Just Runners are Affected!

If you do anything where you are bending your knees a lot (walking, biking, jumping), you are at risk for getting “Runner’s Knee”, an aching pain around the kneecap, formerly called patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Runner’s knee is a broad term that describes the pain you feel if you have one of several knee problems. Runner’s knee can occur for many reasons, including:



Doing repeated bending or high stress exercise (such as lunges) it can irritate your knee joint.


Direct Hit

A fall or a blow to the knee.



If your bones are not correctly lined up, or if any bones from your hips to ankles are out of position, it can put too much pressure on certain areas of the joint. This will cause your kneecap to not move smoothly and can cause pain.


Feet Problems

Hypermobile feet (when the joints in and around the feet move more than they should), fallen arches (flat feet), or overpronation, can cause knee pain.


Weak Muscles

The quadriceps muscles in the front of your thigh keep your kneecap in place when you bend or stretch the joint. If they’re weak or tight, your kneecap may not stay in the right spot.

How to Avoid Runner’s Knee?


Exercise Regularly

This will help keep your thigh muscles strong and limber. This will help you stay in shape and stay at a healthy weight.


Shoe Inserts

If you have problems that may lead to Runner’s Knee, get some Shoe Inserts to help support our body.


Shoe Support

Ensure that your shoes are the right kind of shoe for the level of exercise and ensure that they have plenty of support. Be sure that you are using good quality shoes and replace them when they lose their shape or the sole gets worn.


Avoid Hard Surfaces

Avoid hard surfaces like concrete.


Make Changes Slowly

Make gradual changes to your workouts, don’t suddenly increase the intensity too quickly.


Knee Brace

Some knee braces are very effective in supporting the Knee. Try one while you exercise if you’ve had runner’s knee before.


Get Care Quickly

If you do injure your knee, be sure to seek medical attention quickly so you can avoid more serious injuries that take longer to recover from.

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