Welcome to Running Junction Magazine Fall 2017

Welcome to the first edition of Running Junction Magazine, a quarterly publication focused on the local running scene in Greensboro, Winston- Salem, High Point and surrounding areas. Running Junction Magazine will feature stories written by members of the local running community and about local runners, races and great places to run.

Why a printed publication in an online age? There is something special about holding a printed book or magazine in your hands and being able to read wherever you want without having to worry about feeding the ever hungry battery. Print gives flexibility for longer stories and the potential for more stunning phoyography than can be displayed online. But don’t think we are Luddites. We will have an online presence that compliments and enhances the printed publication. Digital has its strengths and we plan to use those too.

Why now? The Triad area overall has a strong, vibrant and growing running community made up of lots of different and interesting groups. While there are lots of intersections and overlaps among the groups, there really is not a single connection point or “junction” between the groups. Over time, we want to tell the stories of the people and places of all the groups. We want to earn our name of Running Junction.

Thank you for taking the time to read our inaugural issue of Running Junction Magazine. We have some great articles from local running powerhouses Jen Goff and Molly Nunn, and Travis Hick’s powerful story of his running journey and his daughter Lilli’s battle with leukemia.

Again, thank you and we hope you enjoy Running Junction Magazine.

Cool running,
Mike Clark – Publisher

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